Glasgow: Miss Queen UK 2016 finals…

On the 22nd May 2016, I travelled up to Glasgow, with my support team consisting of my partner, my mother and my younger brother; for the Miss Queen UK 2016 finals.

It was held in Kings Park Hotel, Rutherglen, Glasgow. and was a decent hotel, with comfy rooms at reasonable prices, I recommend it for anyone visiting Glasgow, plus there’s an inclusive breakfast.

It was a great pageant, raising awareness for the United Together Foundation, which raises awareness against racism, discrimination and cyber-bullying. The pictures are taken from my camera by my younger brother. I was titled Miss Queen Supreme UK 2016.

The following day, I actually got a chance to go into Glasgow’s city centre. Done a bit of shopping, got family souvenirs, and lunch. There’s also some beautiful architecture.



Motorway Thoughts & Essentials…

Being a passenger, while motorway driving is some thought provoking stuff. If you’ve yourself, been a passenger on long motorway drives, then you’ll know how mind numbingly boring the trips are.

Even though the British countryside is beautiful, you can’t help but let your mind wonder.

Thankfully, I always bring essentials on any motorway trips.

My phone is my number one essential. As much as I’m not a huge fan of my HTC phone, it’s a key essential to stay in touch with family, friends and take quick journey snaps.

I also bring my tablet. Or I call it my Blog Tab. It’s a Lenovo Tab A7, and it’s sole purpose is for all blog related work, post planning, and general blog shenanigans.

My last essential is a book. Simple as it is I always bring a book. I don’t have an e books or kindles. I’m an old fashioned girl who would rather hold a book and turn pages, then swipe a finger. My latest book of choice is Binge by Tyler Oakley. Which I would definately recommend!



























































































Shenanigans in the Summer Sun.

On Saturday 14th May, I spent the late afternoon through to evening in Brean, Somerset with friends, my partner and my sister. Because you know, why not? It’s nice weather.

The original plan was a fun BBQ on the beach. However it was really windy and we arrived in Brean later than anticipated due to traffic.  Damn roadworks!!! Also the wind made It too cold, so we all had to wrap up, so there’s not really any awesome summer fashion specifics. But we managed to keep the fun moving, onto a caravan, and then in the amusement arcade. Good food, drinks and amazing friends to make memories. I’ve including a few pictures to illustrate memories being made!

And to more memories for the future!!! and hello to my new fringe, which is back at the moment.


Coming Soon: What to look out for…

This month is a busy month for me.

But here’s a quick update post to keep readers in the loop. I’m planning to do a big travel post near the end of this month. As I’ll be going to Glasgow for two days. While in Glasgow, I will be competing in the Miss Queen UK finals. This will be my first pageant appearance, as the current Miss United Wales 2015 title holder. The trip will be documented, and recorded.

Also in a few weeks , I’ve arranged a social BBQ between friends, on the beach. So this will also be recorded, and plenty of photos to come. From the fashion forward outfits, to the fun activities. Gives an insight into my life.

This meaning my Blogs to follow post, and little interview, each month has no choice but to be postponed until next month.