Coolest on Location Photoshoot to date.

I’d like to share a recount on what I call my coolest on location photoshoot to date. This shoot took place back in January 2014. Not only did I get to work with three other talented models, Jo, Sapphira, and Rob. I also got to work with a talented photographer, Sophie Merlo.

It was a gothic-esque shoot due to the location. The location was at Barrow Gurney Hospital, in Somerset. Now a little bit of history about the hospital. It opened in mid 1920’s, and then closed in 2008. It’s a former psychiatric hospital, which after it’s closure was abandoned, when we did the photoshoot on it. Unfortunately now they’re bulldozing the site, and building new houses on the land. So it’s not visitable anymore, which sucks because I would’ve loved to go back.

I managed to get a few exterior shots on my phone.

As well as a creepy corridor shot, selfies, inside one of the rooms, and an artistic staircase shot from my phone!

Now for the cool finished shots from the photoshoot. Photographer: Sophie Merlo.

I must say, I didn’t believe in ghosts or anything supernatural before this shoot. Though while I was on this location, it was beyond creepy, and did feel like there was something else there.  But that was just my experience.


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