Bath Fashion Museum

First time driving in Bath and as stressful as it was, I got through (with help of a satnav). But it wasn’t for nothing. Spent family time at the Bath Cats and Dogs home, with my mum, sister and brother. My sister and I had some sister bonding time, when visiting the Bath Fashion Museum. We got loads of pictures, which I’ll share here. If you’re ever in Bath, I recommend a visit!

The fashion at the museum, started at 1800’s and went all the way up to modern day. All the dresses were just stunning, and was fantastic to see the evolution of fashion.


Above is all the dresses I just loved. They have beautiful intricate details, from the lace, to the metallic thread. I just wish I could own a replica. Though below, you’ll see that I managed to get two selfies with my top two exhibits. I also felt in my own, when I got to try on a replica dress. The dress was unbelievably heavy, but I did enjoy it, I felt like a socialite from the 18oo’s.


The exhibit also had loads of shoes and accessories. The details on the fans, and a pair of gloves was just unbelievable. Even the jewellery was pretty. There’s so much talent from designers, tailors, seamstresses and dressmakers from the past.


At the end of the exhibit, I decided to design just a modern look to add to their design wall. As fashion is ever evolving. My art skills is minimal.IMAG0790


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